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Copier Systems (CSL) has years of experience providing data security to businesses throughout the UK. Using the latest data security technologies we will work closely with you to ensure that your systems are as protected from a data security breach as they can be.

In today’s business company data has to cross a lot of different data highways. These different highways offer a lot of opportunities for digital attacks by hackers or viruses. Good to have antivirus software, network administrators and other tools which helps securing your environment! But what about your digital office system? Have you secured your multifunctional system as well as your PC?

Security standards you can count on

Nearly every work process and workflow starts, ends or is somehow related to your multifunctional office device. A lot of your business data is running through your multifunctional system. This is the reason why the multifunctional office system as a main element of your business work processes and workflows has to withstand ongoing threats to security.

Our comprehensive range of standard security features and options form a powerful source on which professional solutions can be based: solutions to both detect and prevent security violations, and avoid knock-on financial and/or reputational damage at the corporate as well as the private individual level.

DEVELOP systems are certified almost without exception in accordance with the Common Criteria/ISO 15408 EAL3 standard. These are the only internationally recognised standards for IT security testing for digital office products. Printers, copiers and software compliant with the ISO 15408 certification have all passed a strict security evaluation and are able to satisfy and deliver the kind of security levels that a prudent business operation should seek and rightfully expect.

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DEVELOP’s answer to these security risks is called ineo SECURE! Together with you we determine which of our industry-leading security standards are right for you. With this individual combination of security measures, we provide an extra level of protection for your ineo system and especially for its internal hard disk. This way your data are not just optimally protected – they are ineo SECURE!

We have developed ineo SECURE to protect all your data stored on the internal hard disk of your ineo multifunctional. On the basis of your individual requirements, DEVELOP configures various system features of your ineo device, in order to keep data, documents and information safe. As confirmation of this advanced protection, we give you an official ineo SECURE certificate.

DEVELOP ineo SECURE is a viable solution for anyone relying on an ineo system. ineo SECURE is of considerable benefit to companies of all sizes and backgrounds that make high demands on the security of their corporate information, documents and data.

The comprehensive ineo SECURE protection is available for a wide range of DEVELOP ineo devices. Please contact Copier Systems (CSL) today on 01226 321181 or complete the short form below to arrange to have your Develop device secured.

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