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Copier Systems (CSL) are a leading supplier of Eco printers to businesses throughout the UK. Find out how you can increase productivity and reduce environmental impact with our range of heat free Environmentally friendly managed print solutions.

While most printers look the same on the outside, it's what is on the inside that counts. Our Epson Eco printers use heat free technology to offer many benefits over conventional laser, toner and thermal ink jet printing. Epson inkjet printers offer the only heat free solution on the market using the protected piezo technology.

Unlike other inkjet and laser printers, the Piezo technology does not require any heat in the injection process. Instead, pressure is applied on the element, which flexes back and forward and fires ink from the printhead.

The electronic consumption used in our eco printers is a fraction when compared to other print technology on the market.

With environmental and strong CSR messaging key factors in the operations of many businesses, most have adopted policies including recycling, electric cars, solar power, LED lighting and various other procedures to assist with this. Watch the video for more information on the Epson Heat Free Technology used with our eco printer range.

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Image of discarded cartridges in a junk pile

Amount of cartridges and packaging waste to print 2,100 pages (1,500 mono, 600 colour) per month over 5 years with a laser printer compared to the 4 ink bags.

Copier Systems (CSL)

Eco Friendly Inkjet Printer

Adding office print to your environmental policy and upgrading to an eco friendly inkjet printer, will not only reduce cost but also highlight three main benefits;

96% Less Energy

Significantly reduce your energy costs by switching from a laser printer to an Epson inkjet printer. Epson inkjet printers use up to 96% less energy than a laser printer as no heat is required to heat fuser units.

98% Less User Intervention

Switch from a laser printer to an Epson inkjet printer to save time and be more productive. Epson inkjets are up to 3.5 times faster and with no drums, fuser units, fans are much more reliable and require up to 98% less user intervention when compared to a laser printer.

99% Less Waste

Switch from a laser printer and to an Epson inkjet and reduce waste. With no large plastic toner cartridge and up to a 50k yield ink bag, Epson inkjet printers produce up to 99% less waste compared to a laser printer.

The image shows the amount of cartridges and packaging required to print 2,100 pages (1,500 mono, 600 colour) per month across 5 years with a standard laser print. Comparing that to the Epson ink bags it is easy to see why going Eco friendly is the right choice for your business. For more information on our Eco range please complete the short form below or browse our selection.

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