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Copier Systems (CSL) are a leading provider of document solutions throughout the UK, implementing a strong electronic document management system has never been more important for a business. Over the past few years we have seen an increase in legislations brought in regarding GDPR as well as greater awareness from an environmental point of view, both of which have changed the way businesses organise their files.

In its most basic form of file and retrieval a good document management system will save time, cost, improve efficiency and customer service levels. A good document management system allows you to store documents securely giving instant access to all documents within your organisation.

Choosing Copier Systems (CSL) to be your document management providers is an ideal solution. We give you a single, compliant and fully text searchable repository of information, with the ability to search one central location that stores and indexes almost any type of document. What would have been hard copy files, documents stored on PC’s, emails, server locations and many more are now easily accessible in one location.

Using one central location to hold all information also ensures remote users can access all information as if they were in the office and will give complete restore from disaster recovery, such as fire or flood.

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Copier Systems (CSL)

Document Management Solutions

We have a range of document management solutions that can be tailored to meet the day to day demands of your business. Instead of spending hours each time renaming documents, our Convert and Share software can instantly rename documents, create file locations and capture relevant information from your documents.

Want the ability to merge pages from Excel, Work and PDF file types, we have a solution to assist.

Invoice Processing

Our invoice processing solutions allow you to scan invoices and then allow our software to automatically pull data from invoices and import this information into your accounts systems.

The system can then start an electronic workflow for authentication of invoices as well as integration into your accounts system.

Our invoice processing solutions save thousands of hours for your purchase ledger departments processing invoices and the authorisation of invoices.

Whatever your document processes, Copier Systems will be able to streamline these saving you time. Book a document assessment to see how we support hundreds of companies throughout the UK managing their documents.

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