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Environmental Policy

At Copier Systems sustainability and the environment are key factors that are considered in all of our operations on a day to day basis.

We assist clients with their environmental and sustainability goals by;

  • Promoting energy efficient systems by promoting systems that use less power, particularly our Epson solution that uses no heat and is the greenest solution on the market
  • Promoting the use of print management software and document storage to reduce the amount or print produced
  • Setting machines to print duplex to ensure less paper is used
  • Offering Invu and Store and Find electronic document management systems to encourage scanning and reduce the need to distribute paper documents
  • The offer to recycle all clients old systems and printers
  • Offering a recycling service to all clients to collect old plastic toner cartridges
  • Promoting our ink solutions and there high yield ink banks

Copier Systems operate the following internal policies to assist our environmental policy;

  • Running an electronic document management solution to reduce the amount of print produced reducing the purchase of paper use of plastic toner cartridges
  • Recycling all old cardboard, cartridges and printers that are returned or used by Copier Systems Limited
  • The fitting of LED lights where possible
  • By considering the emissions and fuel efficiency on the purchase of all company vehicles
  • Always promoting remote working and the use of Teams to limit the amount of unnecessary travel
  • By constantly educating our team and encouraging all to consistently review their procedures
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