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Copier Systems (CSL)

Helpful Guidelines

Find out about the full capacity of your system

Before deciding on what system to install you need to be aware of the full capabilities of a device to ensure you receive the maximum return on your investment. Many users are now not aware of a fraction of the features included in their solution and many make the mistake of sticking to the colour, copy, print, fax and scan speeds.

Many devices as standard can now monitor print and copy activity by user or department and you even have the ability to restrict this if required. In addition, such is the quality of the machines available, many clients now choose to print otherwise outsourced material in house, such as flyers, letterheads and continuation, and benefit from all the cost, quality and efficiency benefits.

This is where choosing the correct service provider in the consultation stages can prove invaluable. A good supplier will present to you the full range of features available, giving you the tools to make the best decision for your business.

More than a copier machine

Multifunctional devices are now more than ever an integral part of the business. They form part of your network and as such ownership of the device normally falls within IT’s remit. This is the reason why now more than ever you have to consider the solutions value of the device too.

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Copier Systems (CSL)

Choosing your System

Can your system grow with your business?

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a machine that meets your requirements now. Many systems are placed within a business on average between 3-5 years, so you need to ensure that should you have plans to grow, one of the most vital pieces of equipment in the business can grow with you.

Choose your Service Provider very carefully

You will possibly deal with your service provider for a minimum of 3 years. Talk is cheap, so when a service provider tells you they supply all toners, drums and parts, its always best do your due dilligence and ask to speak to some of their known customers and check this is the case.

Remote Monitoring

Below are a sample of the automated features a service provider should be offering;

  • Notifies of faults, errors and parts lifetime
  • Automatic ordering of consumables
  • Reduces admin levels
  • Automatic collection or readings
  • Pro-active service that puts you in control

There is also account tracking and basic stats reporting that can help identify and analyse the cost of print in the within a particular department or user.

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